Personas at the Theatre, from tomorrow

By 22 Agosto, 2017Nearby

The Funchal theatre receives, starting tomorrow, artists and actors in an exhibit called “Persona”. This is an Italian word, derived from Latin, and refers to a specific type of Greek mask crated to resonate with the actor’s voice (per sonare means to resonate through…”, allowing for a better projection of the voice, as well as adapting the appearance to the requirements of the role being played.

This collective exhibit gathers 13 artists from different nationalities, like Carina Mendonça, Carolina Askue, Carolina Fernandes, Cristiana de Sousa, Hernando Urrutia, Jose Zyberschema, Luz Henriques, Marcos Milwski, Paulo Sérgio Beju, Teresa Jardim. It also gathers 11 actors, including Crisitana Loja, Dinarte de Freitas, Diogo Correia Pinto, Eduardo Luiz, Edgar Fernandes, Elvio Camacho, Ester Vieira, Francisco Arraiol, Hugo Castro Andrade, Nuno Morna and Paula Erra.

The curator is Fatima Spinola.


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