More equipment for the Theatre

By 22 Agosto, 2017Our Islands

Over 30 thousand euro is what the Funchal council will be investing in the acquisition of new equipment for the city theatre. These will give the theatre better technical means to answer the needs of different events, and include new stage material, like all the draping, projectors, electrified rods, cyclorama, intercoms and cabling.

This effort in improving the conditions of the theatre has even been recognized outside Madeira, and has been a factor in determining Funchal as a “player” in the EUNICE network, with the new means making life easier on all the artists and technicians working at the Theatre. This months will be dedicated to repairs in the stage, and the replacement of all worn out equipment. The intention is to start the new season “afresh”, so to speak, with all the new equipment already operational from September 8th.

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