It’s Funchal day!

By 23 Agosto, 2017Our Islands

Broken by the rivers that bring the water, in a frantic dance, from the mountains all the way to the sea, the city of Funchal completes 509 years today. With – some – less fortunate stories in between, a few lwaving scars for generations, the city has, through the years, been growing and seeking out new publics, offering added attractions to all that visit it, but also to all the permanently reside here.

Today is the day in which we celebrate Funchal. The most beautiful city in the world, for some, the most charming slope to see from the sea, according to others.

The Funchal of the museums, culture, environment and tourism offers, but also its terraces and its people, is our, and we have to take care and nurture it, to leave an even better city for those that succeed us.

Congratulations Funchal!

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