Sting ray watches as instrument is lowered into the water off Madeira

By 21 Agosto, 2017Our Islands

Sometime last week, hydrographic ship Auriga, during a scientific mission to Madeira, was the mean used to lower two ADCP current measuring instruments (ADCP – Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler), in partnership with the Madeira Ocean Observatory and the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute.

The first was placed off the Cais do Carvão, in Funchal, while the other went down a little to the east of Galomar, in an operation that Madeira In & Out accompanied.

The instruments will allow the gathering of information on speed and strength of the currents up to a depth of 600 metres in the areas where they were dropped. The two instruments will later be raised to the surface so as to analise the data thus retrieved.

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