Ice cream to cry for

If you happen to be west bound, heading for one of the beaches, stop in the Ponta do Sol sea front and try one of the artisanal ice creams at the Baloo bicycle.

I was there this week, and got lost amongst the home made tastes that João Gomes presents those that pass and don’t resist stopping at his tempting stall. Berries, Fajã dos Padres mango, Calheta passion fruit, they are all reasons to succumb to temptation, whether in a cup or a biscuit cone.

João is a natural-born ambassador of the ilsnad’s fruits, and can explain«n the origin of all the fruits there to the insistenet and undecided clients that approach the Hotel da Vila front – after he was invited to leave the other end of the sea front.

João spreads chairs around for his clients to feel well, and he sits and chats, serving history and culture in the shape of words accompanying his cream, made with more than 65 percent of fruit. And it’s worth it. Some go there on purpose to enjoy the ice cream.

Tasty bits of the island. Not to be missed!

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