Have you been to the new Levada dos Cedros viewpoint?

Today we have a fascinating walk along the levada dos Cedros, a breathtaking route. Not because of the ups and downs of the path, but because of the beauty of the landscape you will find, bend after bend. Even if you don’t see beyond the tree foliage above your head.

The levada runs in the middle of the laurisilva, our very own enchanted forest (UNESCO world heritage), charming all the was along the path and the many water sources one keeps finding along the way.

Start the walk in Fanal, where the tree heather – typical mountain forest – will welcome you, and from there follows the marked and safe path, walking down the wooden steps on the Seixal valley. After that, the route enters the civil parish of Ribeira da Janela, and here, where you find the channel, you have two options: turn left and head towards the source of the levada, or right, heading down, with the tree heather eventually giving way to the other, more common, laurisilva trees.

The cherry on top of the cake is the recent viewpoint, at the end of a path, recently cleared as part of a makeover of the levada, where one can rest while taking in the landscape all around us.

Go back on the track and you’ll find, on wider or narrower stretches, and always on particularly enchanting scenery, wooden bridges, viewpoints, stone seats to rest and a green blanket spreading over the whole of the route. Don’t forget to take all the waste with you. The path ends next to a flight of steps that takes you back to the street.

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