“Bright lights, big city”

By 2 Dezembro, 2016Vídeos



Yesterday the Christmas lights were lit in Funchal. For the first few hours of the night, and despite the rain, hundreds of cars came down on the city to “see the lights” (a very Madeiran thing…), a ritual that would traditionally take place only after December 8th.

For those who opted to go out and see the lights, the colouful show, though only half ready, wasn’t a waste of time and effort, also because rua João de Deus – despite progress – is still there for those who still prefer the old traditional light bulbs.

City council had a façade as never before, and the tree in the Funchal seafront was also a show stopper.

But more than the lights, and spectacular though they are, what we wanted to show you was a video of the traffic – self explanatory, and   also a sign of the success that the night in which the city is lit still is…

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