4Litro and covers in the summer nights in São Martinho

By 1 Agosto, 2017Nearby

If you are wondering what to do this Saturday, you can stop doing so. Especially because it is free… the return of the summer nights in São Martinho (Noites de Verão em São Martinho) is scheduled for July 22nd at 20h30, with the particular 4Litro version of fun.

A few good laughs is the civil parish’s bet, who also brings something else on stage, apart from the four comedians. It brings back a tradition lost in time…

To enliven the São Martinho evening in a party environment is what the parish team aims at, and with this aim it has also invited the Dul N’ Nouk White, with the great musical moments coming from the voice of Sandra Branco. They are one of the best Madeiran bands of the present, with a very wide musical spectrum, mainly in terms of covers.

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